My name is Esther Reynolds-Verco. I am a freelance writer, editor, social media manager and photographer. I am currently based in Melbourne but work with clients world-wide.

I like to spend my time drinking coffee, blogging, catching up with friends and family, taking photos, brunching, reading books, rewatching old TV shows and decorating my house (I’m interiors obsessed!) My favourite brands are Anine Bing, YSL, Camilla and Marc, Acne Studios, Who Is Elijah, Tatcha and An Organised Life. My biggest pet peeve is when an en dash, em dash and a hyphen are used incorrectly (there’s a reason I studied journalism at university! My favourite places to travel to are Vietnam and Singapore, but I have many more places on my travel bucket list!

My Services

Copywriting and Editing

Is your copy looking a little dull? Or maybe you just need a second set of eyes? I am a professional journalist – having graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Creative Communication). Whether you’re looking for a complete rewrite or just an update, let me work with you to create the best first impression for your brand!

Facebook/Instagram Set-Up & Management

Is managing your social media becoming more of a chore rather than something you enjoy? I currently work with a portfolio of clients to manage their organic social strategies for both Facebook and Instagram.


Are you looking to improve the visual representation of your brand? The quality of the photos on your website, social media channels and marketing materials says a lot about your brand; it’s a consumer’s first impression. Let’s work together to create simplistic, high quality photography that is strategically aligned to your brand.

Get In Touch

Email me at esther [at]

Esther is a delight to work with. 

She is professional with a unique eye for design who understood our needs in executing a fresh grid layout for our Instagram.

Esther works efficiently to a schedule and is easy to communicate with. 

I highly recommend Esther for social media needs.


Esther is a highly skilled and talented individual whose attention to detail is admirable. Her ability to capture the tiniest of details in products and services allows us to experience a new, fresh, and intimate look into a product and learn about it from a very unique perspective. Esther is meticulous in her work and is able to follow a theme that fits with her line of work, which is primarily minimalistic with a strong and edgy touch. She would be a great asset to any organisation / business that she is involved with.