Veja Sneakers: Combining Minimalism and Transparency

For me, white sneakers are a wardrobe staple; a must-have, a classic. They’re the pair of shoes I reach for when I want both comfort and style and they go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. So when my beloved Superga 2730-Nappa Leaus started showing holes I knew it was time to find a replacement.

The thing I love about my Supergas, compared to a traditional white sneaker like Adidas Stan Smiths (which they actually replaced in my wardrobe), is how slender they make the foot look. My Stan Smiths were quite wide and chunky, reserved for a very casual look – think trackpants and jumpers. But my Supergas with their platform and leather upper meant that I could wear them with a more elevated outfit; think jeans and a leather jacket, or even a skirt or dress.

For my next pair of white sneakers, I wanted something that would be equally as sliming and elevated so I could continue to wear them with the majority of my wardrobe. Although this time, I wanted to do without the platform – something that made the shoe quite heavy and would make my feet ache after a day of wearing them. I also wanted something with a bit more padding so my feet could stay warm during Melbourne’s cooler months.

The Veja V-10s caught my eye first; popping up pretty much everywhere I looked on Instagram. I liked the contrast of the black logo with the overwhelmingly white shoe; it seemed to have more of a luxury feel to it. But yet, I wasn’t 100% convinced. Then I found the Veja Esplars and that was that.

“Sneakers that are made differently”

There’s a reason why Veja sneakers have been everywhere lately. The brand itself is synonymous with classic, minimal, and sustainable design. And unlike other brands in the fashion industry, it leads by example: being open and vulnerable; transparent with their audience from both an ethical and sustainable point of view.

Veja sneakers are made in factories in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul in South Brazil and Fortaleza in the North East of Brazil. These factories provide good working and living conditions and the workers are well respected (ILO rules apply).

Utilising innovative technologies, Veja uses an array of sustainable materials in their sneakers; organic cotton for the canvas and laces, and wild and fairly traded rubber for the soles. Their jersey lining is super comfortable, made out of 67% recycled polyester from plastic bottles and 33% organic cotton. The upper of some of their shoes is made from Corn Waste Laminate; a vegan alternative to leather, it’s made from a cotton canvas coated with 50% corn-waste P.U. from the food industry.

Styling Veja Sneakers

It’s nearing the end of my favourite time of the year; where summer has come and gone and winter is only just starting to approach. The mornings are cold but it usually warms up during the day (somewhat less true in Melbourne compared to Adelaide). And it’s during this time that I start to layer my outfits; introducing lightweight knits and pairing them with thinner jackets, like a trench or denim jacket.

For this look, I paired my Veja Esplar sneakers with a lightweight Sir asymmetrical hem knit, my new Zara trench (which has a beautful elasticised waist at the back) and my go-to high waisted Abrand jeans. It’s a classic, monochrome look that never fails me. To accessorise, I wore my YSL bag crossbody and finished with my Bailey Nelson sunnies. I love how the detail of the V logo on the shoes adds a certain interest to the outfit; it’s much more elevated than an all white sneaker.

In my standard size EUR 39 (US/AU 8) these sneakers were the perfect fit. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of shoes that fit my feet so well. I paid $155.00, which is quite steep for sneakers but I’m a big believer in purchasing less at a higher quality. The shoe itself is very comfortable; it’s padded on the inside – however the tongue is a little rigid at first, softening up after a few wears.

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