The Blazer You Need

My favourite blazer at the moment.

I’ve always loved what a blazer can do; you appear instantly elegant and professional, it also adds a tomboyish structure to your outfit. Check blazers are the latest winter trend, and since my wardrobe is lacking in the blazer department, I decided this was a trend to try.

Styling down a blazer can be tricky, thankfully grey blazers are a little easier than black ones. Style it with a graphic tee, preferably monochromatic; and distressed blue jeans, the pop of blue really makes the outfit (it just doesn’t look as good with black jeans!) I also finally invested in a designer bag (yay!) but we’ll leave that for another post.

Zara Blazer
Maurie & Eve Femme Liberte Tee
Givenchy Pandora Chain Wallet
Abrand A High Skinny Ankle Basher Jeans


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