The Best Brushes for the Job


Beauty tool brand, The Beauty Exchange, is killing it with the conception of their magnetic makeup brushes, creating an aesthetically pleasing and more hygienic way to store and dry your brushes. Although they only make up half of my makeup brush collection, they’re by far my favourite to use! The majority of brushes in my collection are made of synthetic bristles so that the liquid foundation and concealer doesn’t stay on the brush as much as they do my face. And my TBX brushes follow the same principle (they’re also easier to clean!)

Eyeshadow Makeup Brush

Perfect to blend the soft brown hues on my lids every day, it’s hard to not love a brush that looks this good. However, it’s a little bit bigger than my other eyeshadow brushes and because i’m a perfectionist I apply my eyeshadow with a smaller brush first (ZOEVA Luxe Classic Shader), before using this one to blend magic.

Foundation Buffer Makeup BrushStippling Makeup Brush

The best foundation applicators without the pricetag. Although it’s no By Terry Soft Oval Expert Brush, the foundation buffer makeup brush still creates a perfect even layer of foundation. This stippling makeup brush is just the way to finish off the base coat of your face, no streaks or cakingmake it even and natural .

Kabuki Makeup Brush

Because I love a matte look, this brush is perfect with my NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder. I love that it’s so big, making this step in the beauty regimen quick and easy. It’s also great to blend around the hairline and jawline and who doesn’t love that?

Concealer Makeup Brush

Because concealer is my best friend, so is this brush. And like every beauty obsessed girl on the planet, I use NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer to hide those imperfections. This brush blends my concealer with my foundation perfectly, you can’t tell a thing!