The Beauty and Lifestyle Podcasts I’m Currently Loving

Is it just me or are beauty and lifestyle podcasts becoming somewhat of an obsession for anyone else? I hear myself saying, “I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about…” nearly 20 times a week – and that’s not even an exaggeration.

As soon as I discovered podcasts, I felt like it was the one thing I’d been missing all my life. I have a pretty active mind – I like to be doing a few things at once – and I often find that I’m not very productive when working in complete silence. I’ve tried listening to music, but I find it repetitive and I easily get bored. I’ve also tried putting on a movie or a YouTube video in the background but I find myself becoming too engrossed and end up doing no work at all. So when podcasts became a “thing” it was perfect – I could listen to something that interested me, while still working.

But the beauty of podcasts is that they can be listened to anywhere; on the commute to work or at home on a Friday night while you do your weekly sheet mask. Here is a list of my favourite beauty and lifestyle podcasts that I’ve been listening to this year, from light hearted ones, to in depth discussions – all the while being inspiring and motivating.

01 | OFFLINE – Alison Rice

The first podcast I ever listened to was this one by award-winning Australian journalist Alison Rice. I first started following Alison’s journey after attending a talk with Alyce Tran, co-founder of TDE, at VAMFF in 2018. As a journalist myself, I find her career both inspiring and eye opening. I too am very invested in my work and feel I have a lot to learn from Alison – particularly when it comes to the importance of self care. I’ll be heading along to her Sundays Offline Melbourne Live Episode Recording in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!



02 | SHAMELESS – Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews

I was a little late to the Shameless game, but can now safely say this is my favourite podcast. Each week, Melbourne journalists Zara and Michelle deliver a thorough analysis of the celebrity news cycle, focusing a lot of their content close to home. Their conversations are always opinionated and controversial, and I find each episode insightful and just really well crafted.

FAVOURITE EPISODE: In Conversation: Laura Byrne


03 | ON THE LINE – Esteé Lalonde

Esteé Lalonde is a huge name in the blogger industry, but I never found myself engaging with her content until I found out about her podcast. On The Line is a series of interviews with the most interesting of people, from her friends, to well-known bloggers and the names behind some of the biggest beauty companies in the world. I absolutely adore her Canadian accent and love listening to her and her mum chat!

FAVOURITE EPISODE: The Perfect shot with Emma Hoareau


04 | SIEZE THE YAY – Sarah Holloway

My next find was Sarah Holloway’s podcast. This is the perfect way to spend my commute to and from work. I love Sarah’s natural interview process and her soothing voice. She’s also extremely down to earth and radiates positivity, so I’m always inspired after listening to an episode.

FAVOURITE EPISODE: Lisa Messenger // Losing it all and loving it


05 | SECOND LIFE – Hillary Kerr

This podcast is a little more in depth, including discussions with successful women who have made major career changes and are now thriving. And let’s be real, if a podcast has Eva Chen on it, you know I’m going to listen. I’ve found that when it comes to my podcasts, I love the variety of accents and I find Hillary’s American accent very engaging.

FAVOURITE EPISODE: 37. Eva Chen: Instagram’s Director of Fashion Partnerships


06 | GLOW JOURNAL – Gemma Watts

My favourite beauty writer, ever. Gemma is an incredibly inspiring person to me. She is a successful writer (her grammar alone inspires me), she is a confident and warm person, and she is a very talented host/presenter. By far my favourite beauty podcast.

FAVOURITE EPISODE: BONUS | In Conversation with Gemma Watts


07 | WARDROBE CRISIS – Clare Press

I met Clare Press during the 2018 Adelaide Fashion Festival for the Adelaide launch of her book Rise & Resist: How To Change The World, and I was immediately inspired by her passion. As Vogue Australia’s Sustainability Editor at Large, Clare is doing her bit on this podcast interviewing the likes of Michael Kobori (Levi’s VP of Sustainability), Gosia Piatek (Kowtow), Sara Maino (Vogue Italia) Bianca Spender, and Kit Willow. If you’re intrigued by slow fashion and want to know more, this is the podcast for you.

FAVOURITE EPISODE: 28. Kowtow’s Gosia Piatek, The Beauty of Minimalism


08 | JULES AND SARAH THE PODCAST – Jules Von Hep & Sarah Powell

Are you ever just in the mood to listen to a light-hearted podcast, something that feels like you’re with friends? Jules and Sarah will absolutely be that for you. This podcast is cheeky, hilarious and just plain fun. I always find myself smiling on the train because of something ridiculous that has happened to Jules, or Sarah’s hilarious reactions.



I’m always on the hunt for more podcasts, so let me know you favourite podcast in the comment section below! X