Social Media Management

For over six years now, I have been working away at my brand, The Editor’s Style. Along the way, I have poured a lot of creative energy into its associated social platforms and it’s paid off.

When I first started @theeditorsstyle, I discovered a niche, worked at understanding Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, got in touch with my target audience and really started to understand their needs and wants. Now, 80% of my website’s traffic comes from my Instagram page. Straight from that link in bio.

Having this platform gave me the opportunity to take on social media management clients and assist them with the implementation of a social strategy. And now, I can help you too.


If you’re new to the game of social media, I can help get your brand started. I will:

  • Set up your Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Write a biography for Facebook and Instagram
  • Write a story for your Facebook Page


I will establish a strong brand identity across both Facebook and Instagram that aligns with your marketing goals – whether it be driving more traffic to your website or increasing reach on your socials.

As a part of managing your social channels, I will:

  • Strategise and develop a content plan for your social channels in advance, or aid in the set-up of marketing campaigns, in particular seasonal.
  • Source content from Instagram and copyright-free image sites.
  • Write copy for your captions.
  • Schedule and post content, incorporating any brand imagery, UGC and influencer content, to your social channels consistently and to a time best suited to your brand’s audience.
  • Authentically engage with your brand’s audience

Get In Touch

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