The Accessory Trend To Try: Silk Scarves

The Silk Scarf Trend is Back with a Little More Style

Silk scarves were originally worn tied in a knot around the neck, often associated with older Parisian women, or flight attendants. But now they’re back with playful designs and a number of different ways to style them.

Just about every fashion label is getting on board with the trend and with designer brands such as Gucci, Acne Studios and Balenciaga releasing their own, the silk scarf becomes more of a statement piece. From logo designs (the infamous Gucci ones) to the more playful—like this one I got from Finders, which is a deep teal colour with a white pattern of stars, dots, fruit and lines—silk scarves are given an updated look that definitely caters towards the younger demographic.

You can still wear them tied around your neck, however, try to fold the scarf into a line (starting in a corner and around 4cm thick—instead of just randomly fastening it around your neck) before tying into a knot at the back. The other popular way to wear them is in your hair: in a plait, a ponytail or bun. And just a tip, the best way to save second-day old hair is by chucking it into a slick bun and styling it with a silk scarf. But if you’re not totally confident wearing them (I suspect it’s the whole flight attendant look, right?) then tie it to the handle or strap of your handbag, it’s still creating a statement look.

How do you like to style a silk scarf?


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