Profile: Kate Andy


“Kate has a genuine warmth about her. She has that perfect balance of a relaxed
vibe but still a strong powerful woman, which is well represented in her label SIG.”

—Jaimie Sortino 


Kate Anderson of S I G The Label is Adelaide’s very own #girlboss. She’s best known as everyone’s ‘it girl’ as head designer at Australian Fashion Labels’ Finders Keepers. Now she designs for her own label S I G (So It Goes) The Label and is completely in her element. The label launched last November at the Adelaide Fashion Festival and it’s been booming ever since. I sat down with the lovely lady herself to discuss fashion, celebrities and, of course, Adelaide.

ALD: What was it like working as a Head Designer for Aus Fashion Labels and
seeing celebrities wearing your designs?

KATE: It was amazing! Working for Australian Fashion Labels was an amazing
experience and watching it grow from a company of seven people to when I left
there was over 100 staff was pretty phenomenal!

In terms of celebrities wearing your designs, it is really cool. A lot of it came from
overseas so it’d be a really cool thing to wake up in the morning, check your emails
and see Taylor Swift wearing a Finders Keepers coat, that was pretty cool. But in
saying that, now having my o
wn label, it’s really nice to just walk down the street
and see anyone wearing my stuff – it’s just a really beautiful thing to see.

Why did you make the move from Finders Keepers to S I G The Label?

It was a good five years of designing for Finders Keepers, and in that time I obviously
grew as a person; my style changed and my taste changed and I was no longer the
Finders Keepers girl. For me, designing is a really personal and emotional thing, so
I really wanted to be able to keep designing for myself, and also, to reflect my lifestyle
now. I like to get up, chuck some clothes on and still feel fashionable and not be
uncomfortable and not dress up everyday but still feel like I’m putting in effort,
without putting in effort, you know what I mean? 


Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

I’m currently training for the New York Marathon, I had a couple of weeks off, but now
I’m back in fine form! I really like drinking wine with friends and I like going up the
river. We’ve been going up the river as a family since I was six years old, so I love going
up there and going for a ski, tanning and just chilling out.

Who would you say your style icon is?
I love Leandra from the Man Repeller, she’s awesome and I feel like we’d get along really
well if we got the chance to hang out. I feel like we’re very similar; she doesn’t take herself
too seriously, but is always impeccably dressed and just loves fashion, but also has that semi
laid back attitude as well, which I feel is really really cool for someone in the fashion industry.

What are some of your favourite bars or eateries in Adelaide?

Oooh! Bar Torino on Carrington St, they do amazing tappas and nibbles and have an amazing
wine list – and the service there is spectacular! Pink Moon Saloon on Lee St, that’s pretty cool.
Peel St Café is always going to be up there and Sean’s Kitchen (next to the Adelaide Train Station)
for the macaroni and cheese.

SIG The Label’s latest collection features pinstripes and beautiful pink hues, so keep in touch to see this Adelaide girl do her thing.

www.soitgoesthelabel.com.au || @SIGTHELABEL || facebook.com/sigthelabel/