July Journal: 5 Ways to Boost Your Mood in a Pandemic

Last week, those of us in metropolitan Melbourne were faced with the reality that we would be entering a second round of lockdowns due to COVID-19. This second wave has definitely hit me much harder than the first and from what I’ve seen, most Melburnians are feeling the same way.

The first lockdown started back in March. It was inevitable, and we were in good company with the rest of Australia (and the world). It was new. And being at home led me to do the things I always said I would do but never made time for; online courses, styling the different spaces in my home, cooking extravagant meals (or rather helping to), taking more time for myself and dedicating more time to my blog (something I touched on back in June, here).

But this second time feels a little different. Victoria’s number of active cases seem to be constantly climbing, while the rest of Australia is keeping their numbers relatively low. And going from finally getting our freedom back (while still socially distancing) to being back inside again is a hard transition to make.

During a time like this, it can be easy to fall into a negative slump. So, for this month’s journal, I really wanted to share the things I’ve been doing to lift my spirits in the hope they will lift yours too.

How to Boost Your Mood

Have A Daily Routine

If there’s anything that will make you more grounded in this new reality, it’s having a routine. I have the same routine each morning: I get up, get dressed, cleanse my face and apply my skincare routine, have breakfast, start work at 9am in my home office, work for a few hours and then get a takeaway coffee from my local coffee shop with my partner. Even something as small as a decent coffee can really boost my mood and it’s something I can count on every single day.

Other suggestions are: an online yoga class, lunchtime walk, meditating or watching an episode of your favourite TV show.

Get Good Quality Sleep

During this time, I have really struggled to switch off and get an adequate amount of sleep. Between working from home and not moving away from my desk at exactly 5:30pm; the anxiety of our current situation; and the late nights (because I can sleep in until 8am now) it can be really difficult. But I know how important it is to have a regular sleeping pattern; to allow your body to properly rest and recover and be able to take on the next day.

If you’re also struggling to get some decent sleep, a few things I like to do are:

  • Heat up the bed – I usually use a wheat bag as a safer option.
  • Switch off your phone 30 minutes before bed – annoyingly this actually works!
  • Read before bed – even 15 minutes is better than nothing.

Rewatch an Old TV Show or Movie

Whenever you find yourself in a particular funk, nothing will boost your mood more than rewatching an old tv show or movie – nostalgia can be really comforting.

As you’ve probably already guessed, I have been rewatching earlier seasons of Gilmore Girls. But Friends, The Devil Wears Prada and New Girl are also great options to boost your mood.

Do Something for You

Whether it’s eating a food you love, lighting your most used candle or wearing your favourite clothes, do something that you know will make you feel instantly better, and don’t feel guilty for it.

For me, food is an instant mood booster so I will always treat myself when I’m feeling really down. My favourite treat meal at the moment is the gluten-free plantcakes from Pancake Parlour with 100% maple syrup and dairy free butter – yum!

Have a Project

If the first round of isolation taught us anything about ourselves, it’s that at this time it’s important to relax your goals and deadlines you have previously set for yourself and really listen to what your body needs. After all, we can’t control what’s happening in the world.

Having something that you’re working towards can be really motivating. And this doesn’t necessarily have to be something out of your comfort zone – this could be your favourite thing to do.

For me, my project is The Editor’s Style – creating content and regularly updating my Instagram and blog.

Take care everyone.

E x


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