Journal 04: April

Once again, it’s nearly the end of the month and I’m only just getting around to recapping the month before – time seriously gets away from you when you have a full-time job! April was all about learning how to balance my freelance work and my full-time job, exploring more of Melbourne (I’ll probably be saying this all year), working with some pretty cool brands and squeezing in a trip to Adelaide. I’ve tried new face masks, eaten at some hidden gems, consumed my weight in chocolate over Easter and most importantly, indulged in a few shopping trips. Here’s my month in a snapshot.


THE GLASS DEN – 15 Urquhart St, Coburg VIC
Immersing myself in Melbourne’s brunch culture is just one of the reasons why I love living here. I ordered the Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle because it seemed like the most extravagant thing on the menu – I tend to always order the safe option. It was honestly delicious and I only felt a little sick from the sugar overload, so it was definitely worth it! Here I also discovered Huskee cups, sustainable coffee cups made from the raw material of coffee husks and now obviously I need them to use both at home and on the go.

CHADSTONE SHOPPING CENTRE – 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC
I ventured over to Chadstone Shopping Centre because my YSL Lou Camera bag needed repairing. The lacquer on the side loops had worn and cracked in the four months that I had had it – meaning I didn’t want to continue to use it and have it eventually break beyond repair. Their response was that this was a lambskin bag and “this is just what happens”. I wasn’t at all happy with YSL’s customer service as they claimed that this was wear and tear and I would need to pay for the repairs in full. I wouldn’t expect a designer bag that cost me over $1000 to be damaged within four months of use and so I will definitely think twice before purchasing a bag from them again! Aside from this, I still made the most of my time at Chadstone: buying a work tote from The Daily Edited and some vanilla cupcakes to lift my spirits.

This was my first ever time at the NGV and it definitely exceeded all expectations. In my mind, I had pictured this to be a more impressive version of the Art Gallery of South Australia, when in fact I drew more similarities to the Louvre. The architecture of the building is incredible and it’s somewhere you could easily spend all day. We saw the Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion gift, including pieces from Dior, Chanel and Alexander McQueen. It was incredible to see these pieces up close and I would definitely recommend it if you’re in Melbourne (the exhibition finishes on the 14th of July).


After running in Nike shoes exclusively for the last 5 years I thought it was definitely time for a change. These shoes are a dream to walk and run in, they don’t give me any blisters and are comfortable enough to wear all day. Definitely my best purchase for the month!

Go-To has officially launched in Mecca, making it that much easier to get my hands on (very dangerous). I decided to start out light and try the Transformazing Mask, because if it’s good enough for Zoë Foster Blake, it’s good enough for me. I put this in the fridge while I took a shower and then popped it on directly afterwards (when my face becomes most dry because of the extreme heat of my winter showers – although I do think it’s important to note that I keep my face out of the water flow so as to not strip it of its natural oils entirely). The cold mask instantly soothed my inflamed skin, relieving any redness and adding a much needed boost of hydration. At just $9, I might need to make this a weekly staple in my skincare routine. Next, I have my eye on her Face Hero oil.

Having recently moved out of home, Country Road has become my new best friend. Here I have bought my dinnerware, towels, decor, and now a pot and stand. For months my peace lily sat sadly in its Bunnings pot, so I thought it was about time I got a ceramic pot – and a Country Road sale is as good a time as any! I love that this comes with a tray, meaning I can water it inside (taking care of plants is hard!)

This really is the perfect nude. Like most of my lipsticks that aren’t red, I like to wear it over lip gloss so that the colour isn’t too intense and so my lips don’t dry out (I have seriously dry skin). The best part about these lipsticks, though, is that they come personalised with your initials!


For about five years now, I have constantly been on the go – from my blog, and my Instagram, to my freelance work, part time jobs and uni, to starting my own business: The Editor’s Style. Recently I have learnt that this kind of mentality isn’t sustainable; no matter how hard I tried to fight it, burn out is inevitable. And with the stress of moving and finding a full time job, I definitely hit a wall as soon as everything was set in place. I’m trying to go back to the roots of why I do everything I do, and finding pleasure in it rather than viewing it just as a chore, or a responsibility. Learning to manage this balance means saying ‘no’ more and allowing you to live a life outside your work. While I’m slowly putting in processes to make sure I work efficiently as I can and allow myself some down time, I know that it’s definitely not just going to happen overnight.

So, on that note, what content would you like to see me make more of? Let me know in the comments! X