How to Overcome Stress

New Moon Blends

Recently, I have been trying to give my body time to recover from my stressful lifestyle (the joys of being a freelance writer) by getting into yoga. I’m not one for meditation, I find my mind is far too active for it and I struggle to see it as a productive use of my time when my to-do list is as long as my arm. But because I know my health and skin are struggling from the stress I’m under, I’ve forced myself to take about 20 minutes out of each day to do yoga at home.

So, I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for de-stressing instantly – whether you feel stressed after a long week at work, or even if it’s a daily struggle for you, here are a few things I do as frequently as possible that really help.

Do Yoga/Meditation

I can’t recommend this enough. When I do yoga, I feel the tension in my body release – my shoulders relax, my teeth unclench and my brow softens. I’ve even started to do my yoga routine before bed because it’s a great way to unwind. I set myself up in my room and go off a Youtube video – I’ve been obsessed with Yoga With Adrienne. 

Even if you have doubts, try it. It’s free and if nothing else, you’ll get a good workout and stretch (and you’ll probably remember to drink more water than usual!)

Have a Bath

It’s no secret that I love baths. On rotation I currently have my Santorini Skin Elysian Pink Crystal Sea Scrub and Aegean Pink Crystal Soak (see my full blog post on these here), a Mabel & Co Himalayan Rock Bath Salt and now this New Moon Blends Rose Yo Self Bath Salts.

The Rose Yo Self Bath Salts make for the most relaxing and luxurious bath. It has an intense explosion of rose, and includes a range of salts, rose petals and rose oil. I love that this is all natural as it won’t irritate my sensitive skin but also, because bath salts or scrubs are coming in direct contact with my entire bod, I prefer something natural.

Get A Face Mist

Typically a rose face mist is your go-to for a spritz throughout the day, keeping you awake, refreshed and moisturised. But recently I discovered this Aloe There Hydrating Mist by New Moon Blends. With ingredients like fresh aloe leaf juice, cucumber seed water, witch hazel and jasmine water, this mist nourishes, hydrates and cools. Perfect for when your skin is feeling irritated or after a bit too much sun (and when you’re this pale, that’s a lot of the time).

Use A Sleep Spray Every Night

The most well-known sleep spray on the market is by This Works! and for good reason, it’s from Mecca (oh, and it really does work). But if you’re looking for an all natural alternative with a dose of lavendar, then try the New Moon Blends Sweet Dreams Mist. Adrienne (from Yoga With Adrienne) sometimes asks you to bring a sleep spray to a workout, especially when it’s stress/headache targeted (which is me once every week).

*In collaboration with New Moon Blends. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own