How to layer for a Melbourne winter


Dressing for winter is an art in itself, no really.

When I decided to move to Melbourne, a few things were at the forefront of my mind: shopping whenever I wanted, endless brunch dates, and plenty of jobs opportunities. But one thing that was definitely lost on me was just how cold it gets here in winter.

I have always loved winter fashion, from the longline coats, to the button up shirts and mom style jeans. I love the endless possibilities, especially when it comes to layering – the ability to re-wear the same piece but in a new way (something you can’t get away with in summer). But in Melbourne, winter is entirely different to the one I’m used to back in Adelaide. And ever since the cooler weather settled in, I’ve been perfecting the art of layering, allowing for that (inevitable) sudden change in weather.

1. Jacket VS Coat

Every morning I’m stumped with the same question: jacket or coat? Outerwear is both what I have the least of and what I feel is the most important and most noted part of an outfit. So, I like to get this out of the way first.

JACKET – Jackets refer to anything that is outerwear but isn’t necessarily designed to provide warmth – a denim jacket, a leather jacket, trench coat, etc. The exception here is my extremely warm puffer jacket, which I tend to categorise as more of a coat.

COAT – Coats, however, are more typically thick cardigans or a woollen coat, etc. These provide an immense amount of warmth, so I tend to reserve these for days under 15 degrees or when I know I’m going to be spending most of my time outside.

2. Tops – knits or tees?

Then comes tops: knits, sweaters, tees, etc. If I’m wearing a jacket, I’ll go for either a knit or a thin sweater for that extra warmth. But if it’s a coat, I’ll wear a short or long sleeve tee – I find coats super easy to overheat in. If you’re the type to take your coat off in your workplace, then you might want to opt for a thin long sleeve knit instead (providing your heating is good!)

3. Jeans? What about track pants…

I pretty much choose from the same selection of bottoms every day, matching it to my chosen outerwear and top. From mom style jeans (black and blue), to skinny leg track pants (your good pair of course), a silk midi skirt, or wide leg pants. Recently, I bought the Camilla & Marc Oxford Track Pant as a way to incorporate comfort into my everyday look – at the moment I’m styling these with my Supergas and a coat for a more elevated style.

4. Can I wear sneakers, again?

When it comes to shoes, weatherproofing is key (it usually rains at least once a day here). My go-to’s are my sport sneakers, casual shoes or boots – the casual shoes (e.g. Supergas) usually always win. You may be able to get away with a loafer or flat if you’re not planning to spend much time outside or you don’t have a complicated commute.

5. Acne Logo Scarf. Enough said.

I knew pretty early on that a scarf was going to be a lifesaver in Melbourne and I’d had my eye on this one for what seems like forever. This is the perfect layer of warmth I need on the commute to and from work (especially when I finish at 5 and it’s dark and already 5 degrees). I love the simple design, which breaks up any of my all-black ensembles.

As for bags, these will usually get wet at some point. If I’m wearing a more expensive bag (like my YSL), I always make sure I can tuck it under whatever jacket or coat I’m wearing if it started to rain.

What are your winter layering tips?