How To Create A Minimalist Mood Board

Why A Mood Board?

With all of us homebound, I finally got around to creating my perfect office space – think white walls, white furniture and minimalist decor (a home tour is coming soon!) Number one on my list of things to do was tidy the space up, but number two was to create a mood board.

For as long as I can remember I have created a mood board for my working space. I’m a visual learner, so I always find it inspiring and grounding to have a beautiful, tidy workspace filled with words, colours and imagery that inspire me to be more creative in my work.

Going into this mood board, I had a few themes I wanted to follow: neutral tones and encouraging words. But I didn’t envision how this would look; I just experimented and whatever worked, worked.

Getting Started

  1. Collect a pile of magazines that you don’t mind tearing pages from.

  2. Look for quotes, words, images, colours and full page spreads that spark some inspiration in you and tear the page out of the magazine. There’s no need to go into this exercise with a particular theme or colour theme in mind. TIP: The more variation in sizes the better – use scissors to cut out any words, quotes or smaller images.

  3. Make one pile of cut-outs you would definitely like to include and a second pile of “filler” cut outs to use if you need.

  4. Place your mood board flat on the ground and use your pile of definite cut-outs to piece everything together. I like to start in the top left-hand corner with the bigger cut outs and work my way across. It’s all about layering and experimentation. TIP: I find doing this process quickly or to a time limit is easier – it forces you not to overthink it. It also helps to do this to music.

  5. Add in your smaller cut-outs and filler content if there’s room. Remember to include spaces; let the board come through in certain areas so it doesn’t seem overwhelming or overdone.

  6. Secure everything with pins and voila! Your perfect mood board is complete.

Happy creating! Tag me on Instagram @theeditorsstyle with your mood board creations.

Esther x