How I Choose My Glasses

My Favourite Styles, Shapes and Colours

I’ve had glasses for quite a few years now. I started with some Dolce & Gabbana black rectangle frames (similar here) that had a minor prescription – I got them to wear when driving, as objects far away were becoming slightly blurry! I love how minimal the design of these were and being black with gold hardware they went with everything in my wardrobe. The rectangle shape really suited my rounder face and they were a really comfortable frame to wear.

But a few years later at uni, I discovered Bailey Nelson and their blue light filter glasses and, since I spent (and still spend) a large portion of the day glued to a computer screen, I decided to invest. Thin metal frames had just started to trend again and I remember tossing up between these silver Theodore frames and some clear frames (similar to these). As much as I wanted the clear ones to work, the Theodore metal frames gave my round face much more shape. I loved how light these felt on my face and the frames were so thin they weren’t distracting like my Dolce & Gabbana ones. The only thing I worried about is that they were a bit too ‘grandma’ like.

Last year I got my eyes tested again and had my prescription increased slightly – let’s just say I won’t be editing photos without them anytime soon. I remember being in the Bailey Nelson store for almost an hour trying them all on. In the end, I went for their Homer frames in matte mahogany – a round-square shape with minimalistic metal arms. I love the softer square shape to these, which is what I’ve discovered works best for my rounder face (and my style). I really wanted some black frames but found they were just too jarring for my face. Instead, I went for a warmer tone that complements my hair.

In saying that, I did go for the black frames for my sunglasses, which I find you can definitely be more adventurous with. I chose Harrison in black, which are a slightly oversized square shape with subtle laser etched detailing (I wore them here). I really love these ones and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them – they’re a real classic.

Enter: Oscar Wylee

So, around a month ago, when Oscar Wylee reached out to work with me, I wasn’t sure what glasses I would go for this time around. I decided to get another pair of glasses and sunglasses so I can go between these and my Bailey Nelson ones. Most people have multiple pairs of sunglasses to style with different outfits, however, needing a prescription (and wanting ones with UV protection), I just had the one pair. I didn’t realise how great it would be to have multiple pairs until I actually got them!

As a contrast to my thicker Homer frames from Bailey Nelson, I wanted something thinner, similar to my initial blue light filter frames from Bailey Nelson – just not silver again. I tried on nearly every frame in store before deciding on the Sela frames in gold obsidian – gold frames and arms with a black frame at the front. This satisfied my want for both black glasses and thinner frames. These glasses feel much lighter on, so when I’m getting sick of how weighty and distracting my Homer frames can get, I can swap to these ones.

For sunglasses, I was a little more daring. I decided to go for an oversized pair of square frames called Mesa in auburn tortoise. A few years back, I used to wear oversized sunglasses a lot but more recently I have stuck to smaller frames. I really like these frames though, they have a much different look to my Bailey Nelson Harrison sunglasses and are a really comfortable fit.

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*This post features gifted products, however I was under no obligation to post on my blog. I just love them!


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