Fresh Faced With Soel Walker

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A talented creative from Perth, Western Australia, Nikki Cruz has turned from making art to creating skincare. Handmade in small batches in Perth Western Australia, Soel Walker is natural and suitable for any skin type. To find out why I’m obsessing over it currently, read my interview with Nikki and my review on the Soel Walker products below.


Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Well, I’m a dreamer. I have two kids and a cat, and I love a good book. But seriously, I’m a want-to-do-everything girl. I need to create or make something every day.

What pushed you to create Soel Walker? 

My mother studied aromatherapy, massage and skincare and was all about being natural. So I guess from an early age, it was just in me to be curious about skincare and using natural products.

A couple of years ago, when my face broke out with really bad acne, I wanted to try and fix myself so I created products purely for myself and then thought ‘if it’s helping me, then I want it to help others’. Soel Walker is my platform for my creative energy. 


How did you find the process of creating Soel Walker?

It was very difficult; long hours and a lot of crying and self-doubt. There was, and still is, so many elements that went into Soel Walker that at one stage I was just going to give up on. But after two years I thought if I can last this long I might as well just give it a shot and finish what I started.

How did you go about designing the packaging?

It was easy; I knew what I wanted from the beginning for my first set of products: clean and simple. And I watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to create on Adobe Illustrator.

Why do you love the Face and Body Oil? 

Because, while yes oil is oily, I created this blend that would soak into the skin without leaving that film on the surface. I love it because my skin is sensitive and I also have eczema, and this has helped with both. Anyone with eczema knows how sucky it is and knows that you would try and do anything to fix it.

What was the reasoning behind creating a face mist? 

Living in Australia, it gets HOT! My skin needed that extra help to keep hydrated through the day so a mist was perfect. It’s light and refreshing.

And how did you arrive at a Rose Witch Hydrating Face Mist?

I think of it as a potion for your face. I watch so many kids movies where the witch has all her different potions that it inspired me to name it after them. Plus, rose water and witch hazel are in the ingredients so it’s kind of self-explanatory also.

What’s next for Soel Walker? Where do you see it heading?

Oh so much—I’m bursting with so many ideas. But for now I have a bronzer and highlighter formula next, which I’m so excited to get out there!

Where do I see Soel Walker heading? I see Soel Walker expanding into everything, not just skincare; clothing and accessories for example. I love creating and I have so many different ideas I feel like I’m going to explode sometimes! But for now I’m just taking step by step. 


Rose Witch Hydrating Face Mist

I’m not a huge fan of face mists, I find they only work if I substitute them as a toner but I still had to try this one. It has a beautiful rose fragrance and is super refreshing in the hotter weather, I brought it with me to the beach the other day and it was exactly what I needed! I will say I do feel much more awake in the mornings when I apply this. I love that it has aloe vera juice, for cooling you down in the summer, Vitamin E natural, to keep my skin looking healthy, and witch hazel extract to keep the acne away—these are all ingredients I’ve looked for in my skincare in the past so it was a pleasant surprise.

Face and Body Oil

I saved the best for last—this is the literally my skin saviour. This past year I worked out that the foundation I’ve been using for a few years now included skincare that was too harsh for my skin and resulted in acne. So I changed my foundation but because my skin is very sensitive I still had some acne left.

Within the first five days of using this product, my acne almost completely cleared up. I honestly couldn’t believe it. But when I read Nikki’s responses to my questions, and read why she created Soel Walker in the first place, it all made sense.

This is a super hydrating oil that soaks into your skin, it leaves my skin feeling plump and healthy. Prior to using this I would use the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance for hydration but now I don’t need to, although I might need to again come winter. I couldn’t recommend this more highly (I’ve just bought my second bottle to stock up!)

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