Fighting Frizz

My number one concern when it comes to my hair is frizz. I have thick hair that takes to straightening and curling quite well, but in hot weather, nope, forget it. So when tlw. sent me their Let’s Get Naked Frizz Fighter smack bang in the middle of summer, I was pretty damn excited.

The first thing I noticed about the serum is that it’s orange and smells incredible! Working to repel the effects of UV and humidity, the serum speeds up dry time and leaves my hair sleeker, silkier, smoother and shinier – my hair has literally never felt better after an at-home blow dry.


Massage a small amount of the serum into towel-dried hair, starting from your roots and working into the ends. Use prior to blow-drying for a protective barrier against the heat.


  • Keratin and silk proteins to hydrate
  • Glycolic Acid to repair split ends and when you use heat to style your hair as much as I do, this is a necessity in your haircare regime.

Let me know what your favourite hair serum is in the comments below! x

*Gifted by tlw. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own