Decjuba X The Hunger Project

I have been a huge lover of Decjuba for a few years now and so I am so proud to be an ambassador for their 2019 THP X Decjuba campaign as a part of their ongoing partnership with The Hunger Project. Each year sees the release of a limited edition t-shirt to support THP – a not-for-profit fighting to end global hunger.

This year’s Decjuba X THP tee is available in both black and white and has ‘the hunger project’ written in beading across the front. Available at Decjuba for $49.95, 100% of proceeds go towards helping THP reach their goal: to end global hunger by 2030. The Hunger Project recognises that global change is most effective when communities are trained to be self-reliant, so that’s exactly what they strive to achieve.

“We shift the mindsets of women and men so they transform into leaders for the sustainable end of hunger. Then, through our programs such as education, microfinance, agriculture and health, we empower people with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to break the poverty cycle themselves.” — The Hunger Project

So far, their partnership with Decjuba has raised 874K and impacted 5.5 million lives. And it starts with one t-shirt, get yours here.