AW18 Fashion At Rundle Place






The Season Of Layering

AW18 fashion is finally here! Anyone that knows me well knows that I absolutely love winter fashion; the layering, the blazers, the boots. So when Rundle Place asked if I wanted to go into their stores to check out the latest AW18 collections and style some outfits, how could I say no? Last week, I went to Witchery, Country Road and Seed and picked out my favourite outfits from each to share with you all on my Instagram. But I thought I’d take it one step further and round up my favourite pieces in a blog post.

My favourite go to outfit during the colder months is a check blazer, white tee, black jeans and loafers. But stepping into each of the stores, I found that I wanted to style blue jeans, blouses and even track pants! As for my favourite trend of AW18, I’m going to have to go with check or houndstooth blazers. You can wear them with jeans, over a dress or sometimes even just as a blazer dress. And yes, this Country Road Houndstooth Blazer is at the top of my wishlist.

Stay tuned for an AW18 trends blog post inspired by the Myer Runway at VAMFF!


*In collaboration with Rundle Place.