How to Style a Minimalist’s Home: Part II

In The Bedroom

Being a minimalist is all about taking a ‘less is more’ approach, whether it be in your skincare regime, your diet, or your belongings. So when it came to styling my new space, I knew I wouldn’t need much to achieve the look I wanted (a definite bonus for the bank account!) I started to look at online shops known for their modern designs, from local minimalist stores – Designstuff, The Minimalist – to bigger retailers such as IKEA and Temple & Webster. I quickly found the sourcing process extremely overwhelming, so I decided to take a step back and define what I was trying to achieve:

– organised spaces with minimal to no clutter
– a monochrome theme with subtle hints of colour
– the inclusion of modern shapes and design

From here I decided to focus on the bigger pieces for my room, adding in the smaller, decor pieces later – definitely my favourite part!


L-R: IKEA Gladom Tray Table, Target vase, One Simple Concept Lamp, Chanel Hand Cream, Country Road Mug, ettitude Queen Duvet Cover + Pillows, IKEA Nordli Bed Frame.

For my bed, I wanted something really simple, allowing me to create interest in other areas of my room (my bedside table and desk). I decided to go for a bed frame without a bedhead to achieve that minimalist aesthetic, while also making my room seem bigger than it actually is. This IKEA Nordli Bed Frame was the perfect design. I love that the frame is completely white and that there are 6 drawers for extra storage space – something that was somewhat lacking from my built in wardrobe.

From here I decided it would be more cohesive (and easier) to stay with an all white theme for my furniture. My bedside table was the last piece that I added to my room as I struggled to find one that I absolutely loved (and was under $600!) I kept coming back to this Gladom Tray Table from IKEA, and so eventually I caved. The simplistic design lends itself well to darker accents and decor such as cotton and wild grasses, and what was initially an it-will-do-for-now purchase, has definitely become the permanent piece.

Styling my bed was easy as I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, and what’s more simplistic than colour matching to my furniture? I was kindly gifted this organic bamboo duvet cover and pillowcases from ettitude – who seriously do the best damn bedding. I first found out about these guys a few months ago and have been sleeping on their bedding ever since (I also splurged on their organic bamboo sheets). The organic bamboo is so soft, especially on my face – my sensitive skin has been much less inflamed in the mornings. I love that the all white gives it an overall cohesive look, and allows for grey or black throws or pillows to be added in the future (I’ve been eyeing off this one from Viktoria & Woods).


L-R: Acne Studios shopping bag, Glasshouse No. 6 Le désir ardent candle, Country Road Loft Marble Holder and Loft Marble Tray, Chanel: The Karl Lagerfeld Campaigns, Apple iMac.

Previously, I have always had dark wooden desks, and so I was so excited for a fresh white one instead, and this Alex desk from IKEA ticked all the boxes. It’s quite big and has two drawers as well as cord storage. It’s a simple rectangle design and has enough room for my books, decor items, Apple iMac and laptop.

As this is the place where I produce all of my creative work, I needed a space that inspires me. I’ve surrounded myself with books, magazines, brands I love, skincare pieces and candles (read more about fragrances in my At Home: Part I blog post) – and I just love the pop of pink. I’ve also been toying with the idea of adding a mood board that I can fill with Vogue clippings and other pieces that inspire me.

Stay tuned for more interiors content in the future, and let me know in the comments below whether this post was helpful! X

*ettitude has kindly gifted me this Queen Duvet.


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