How to Style a Minimalist’s Home: Part I


Moving out of home for the first time is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, but fortunately there’s a definite positive to the situation: interior design. For years I’d been itching to create a space that truly represented my minimalist style and so I was so excited at the prospect of white walls, white furniture, black accents and plenty of natural light.

Once I had started my search for furniture and decor, I realised that I would need a cohesive overview of the room before I could purchase anything. Still struggling with how I saw the space eventually looking, I decided to begin with something small: fragrances.

My first thought was that I wanted to stay away from the typical Glasshouse range and instead have a more subtle and fresh scent for each of my spaces. I tried Mecca (my holy grail) but quickly realised that the scents were too overpowering to work in such small spaces – despite how beautiful they may look! Cue Maison Blanche. I stumbled across this beautiful brand through Instagram and was immediately drawn to the minimal and monochrome branding and the fact that they had candles, hand wash and hand lotion was perfect.


As a beauty lover and a minimalist, I was adamant on having
everything in my bathroom to my personal taste – even down
to the hand wash and hand lotion. I had brands such as Aesop
and Ms BROWN in mind, but nothing really fit. I reached out
to Maison Blanche and decided to try their 001 Cotton &
Chamomile scent – and I can honestly say I haven’t smelt
anything like it! With strong notes of ylang-ylang, star jasmine
and wild chamomile, this is the perfect fresh linen scent,
soothing but not overpowering.

For the bathroom I have the Hand Wash and Hand Lotion,
and on my bedside table is the medium sized candle. Finding
a candle for the bedroom is the ultimate chore, believe me,
but I was so in love with this neutral scent that I decided
to carry it into my bedroom.

*Products gifted by Maison Blanche.


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